Top 5 Reasons to Visit Japan

Japan is one of the most amazing places you will ever find across the globe! The people here are very kind, highly civilized, the food is delicious and the landscape is so stunning; everything over here is so striking that you’ll remember Japan for long after you have gone back to your place!

Antiquity and modernity compete with one another in Japan! The history of Japan is dominated by monarchy and feudalism, while its present day has contrastingly pro-western attitudes with technological innovations. Thus, Japan is the place where two extremes meet one another. The culture and tradition enriched by complex and profound Buddhist and Shinto doctrines, natural setting, amazing people, delicious food and such other attractions make Japan an appealing place for travelers of varied interests. Listed below are my top 5 reasons to visit Japan.

1. Temples, Shrines and Castles

The beautiful and ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are a good enough reason for one to visit Japan. Kyoto, within the Kansai region city has over 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines. Nara is home to at least 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All these temples and shrines are not just beautiful, they are stunning!   The 17th Century Himeji Castle, the Matsumoto Castle, and the Shrui Castle Park on the Okinawa Island are some of the most interesting Japanese castles one must visit. Odawara Castle is also worth seeing.



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