Tips To Help Make Your Travel Easier, Cheaper, Safer And Awesome!

You may be a regular traveler and have tons of travel related knowledge knocking around in your brain. Every travel can be different and despite taking safety measures, there may be sometimes where you’ll find yourselves in tricky travel situations. Many a times travel dilemmas can be accidental, some may be unavoidable and most of them happen unexpectedly. With a little common sense and necessary preparations, you can minimize the chance of travel troubles and enjoy a safer and happier holiday.

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Here are some tips to help you make your travel safer, easier, cheaper and as awesome as possible.

1. Make Sure You Are Aware of the Latest Travel Alerts

Before you pack your bag ensure that you’re aware of the latest travel alerts. The authorities at your place may give regular updates regarding health, security and natural disaster situations around the world. Check for any alerts that may affect your trip.

2. Check with Your Travel Documents

Before you travel, or just after you’ve booked your travel, it’s better to check with your travel documents such as visas, passports, and requirement papers for entry and exit. Leave hard copies of your passports, visas and travel details with someone you trust most. Try storing them online or post copies to your preferred online storage facility. You can register your travel plans with your country’s Department of Foreign Affairs before moving out; this will help a lot in case of an emergency.

3. Buy Travel Insurance

Travelers argue both for and against travel insurance. But keeping safety first, travel insurance is a must. Even if you’re on a budget, there are travel insurances that meet your needs. Knowing that you’re covered for any unforeseen or unavoidable incidents gives you the peace of mind; a small investment on insurance gives you ample confidence.

4. Travel with a Minimum of Cash

Carrying out a fat wallet isn’t a good idea while traveling. Carry cash to meet your requirements and not all of your needs. Travelers’ cheques and cash passports are better choices. If you don’t prefer them, you can pay your transactions fee by visiting ATMs as per your requirement. This precaution can avoid you being mugged down in an unknown place.

5. Having a Paper Map as Backup

GPS Smartphones with internet connection can be of great help in a newer place. Suppose you are moving out in wilderness or your phone battery runs out of power, then the old-fashioned paper map can come to your rescue. You need not be an expert, if you’re able to read the map and explore your new destination, that’s just good.

6. Familiarize Yourself with the Local Laws and Customs

Knowing local laws and customs comes in handy if you wish not to attract ire of the natives. If you aren’t aware of the local laws and customs or fail to respect them, you may land in some serious trouble. Ignorance is never a good defense in most of the places, being aware of and respecting the local laws could save you from embarrassment or worse. You can discuss with your friends who have already visited your chosen destination and get to know more about the local preferences. You can also Google out the information you are in need of or take help from social media.

 7. Timing Your Trip

If you’re moving out on a holiday trip, find out when the school holidays are in the country you are planning to visit. Avoid traveling at the end and beginning of school holidays. Flights can be way more expensive; accommodation is heavily booked and even tour attractions are more crowded at these times. If you’re planning a weekend in a big city, I suggest you go for a hotel in the business district. These hotels may have high occupancy from Monday to Thursday, but are usually empty and may offer discounted rates at weekend.

8. Carrying Your Phone?

Remember to take USB charger with you. Put your phone on Flight Mode if you look to use it for playing games while waiting in between, this will enhance the battery life. Turn off the Roaming Data option while traveling; this will certainly help save a handsome amount on your phone bill. Opt for a local sim card while you stay away, or use free wifi facility wherever possible.

Apart from these tips, it’s worth remembering not to be rude, be nice to people around you, avoid flashing your cash, camera and phone around. Stick to these tips and you’re bound to enjoy a pleasant journey!

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