Burg Hohenzollern: One of Germany’s Prettiest Castles

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Germany houses over 200 castles! Burg Hohenzollern is one of the magnificent German castles that flourished under the Prussian rulers. Neuschwanstein is probably the most famous castle in Germany, but Burg Hohenzollern is the largest castle in Baden-Wurttemberg (southwestern Germany).


Situated at the periphery of the Swabian Alb, atop the Mount Hohenzollern the castle has been presently converted into a museum. Located between Hechingen and Bisingen at about 50 Km south of Germany’s unofficial car capital, Stuttgart, the Burg Hohenzollern is a popular tourist destination. With over 300,000 visitors a year, this is one of the most visited castles in Germany.

A Short History

Privately owned by the descendants of the Hohenzollern dynasty, this palace is an important site in Prussian history. The Prussian lineage essentially began in the early castle originally built during the 11th century (in the long run the lineage got divided as well). The castle has been rebuilt part by part three times over the centuries that followed. Being the ancestral home of Hohenzollern dynasty that ruled Prussia from the Middle Ages to the end of the First World War, the palace is one of the prettiest castles in Germany.

The final castle was built during the mid 19th century by King Frederick William IV of Prussia. The architecture of the building is based on English Gothic Revival and the Chateaux of the Loire Valley.

Interesting Collections

The art collection in the castle includes picture galleries, valuable silver and china wares, and the Crown of the Prussian Kings. The open-air cinema, numerous concerts and the beautiful Christmas markets make this castle an attractive cultural hub all year round.

Visiting the Burg Hohenzollern

Two daily trains ply from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof to Hechingen Station. From here one can take a shuttle bus or a taxi to drive up to the mountain top to the castle’s entrance. Journey by train from Stuttgart to Hechingen is just over an hour. Once you reach the castle, you can join the guided tours available at select hours. Visiting the castle on a one day tour from Stuttgart is just ideal.

The castle sometimes looks eerie with the foggy weather, but the hike up the mountain is always a thrilling experience. And, finally the architecture is amazing and once you reach the hilltop, the views down the mountains are stunning.

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